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Thank you for visiting my Gallery of Vintage Mermaids, Vintage Seahorses and Vintage Fish!

Here you will find photos and writings of the 1940s/50s vintage mermaids and the well known manufacturers to help mermaid collectors.

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Vintage Mermaids, fish and seahorses truly represent 1950's Americana. These beautiful nautical decorations were sold in pottery shops and yards, 5 and 10 cent stores, department stores, and gift shops, and could be found in home bathrooms throughout the United States and Canada. Everyone had a set of ceramic fish or mermaids, or knew of a mother, aunt or grandmother, who had a set decorating their bathroom. Almost every manufacturer and pottery shop in the US and Japan was producing mermaids and fish in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The most popular manufacturers were Lefton, Norcrest China Company, Enesco, Ceramicraft Tropic Treasures, Freeman-McFarlin, Heidi Schoop, Josef Originals, Kay Finch, Hedi Schoop, Napco, Bradley Exclusives, Ucagco Ceramics Japan, CNC Los Angeles and Japan, DeForest of California, Gilner Culver City California, Irene Smith, Joty, Florence Ceramics, Kelvin Exclusives, Nameth Enterprises, Pandora Potteries, PY Japan, and S.L. Cluter. You also see many sets that are unsigned because the label was removed over time, or the piece was made by an individual or small pottery shop that didn't mark their pieces. The brightly-colored fish and bubbles, and the beautiful mermaids, with their flowin-hair and cute, frolicking seahorses will live on through the ages and bring timeless enjoyment and rewards to collectors of all ages. Whether you collect for fun or investment, you've come to the right place!